User Experience Design online short course

Course starts: 7 November 2016
Registrations close: 1 November 2016
Course fees: R12,500
Course starts: 6 February 2017
Course fees: R12,500

Why this course?


IAB UCT Social Media online course accreditation As members of the IAB we strive to ensure that all of our courses are aligned with the latest industry best practices and procedures.

Every day, we encounter roughly 30,000 different objects. How can we possibly remember how to use all of these things, if each one works differently, to achieve a different purpose? The answer lies in sound User Experience Design (UXD). UXD is the practice of improving the ease with which an interface can be used to make an activity or object as intuitively user-centric as possible.

Course overview

This highly practical 10-week short course will develop your conceptual knowledge and practical skills in the UXD field, covering every aspect of the UX design process. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the know-how needed to contextualise a product in terms of its UXD requirements; manage this against stakeholder objectives; design interactive wireframes for collaboration with visual designers; and develop a viable prototype for your final product.

Is this course for you?

This short course is ideal for those involved in any facet of digital design, whether from the front or back end. Industry professionals looking to increase the efficiency of a website’s practical or visual design, for example, will benefit from an in-depth understanding of how users think and act on online platforms. Formal UX design skills and expertise are highly transferable: from digital marketers and web developers, to small business owners with an interest in online entrepreneurship, and aesthetic designers interested in understanding how users think, behave, and engage.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Introduction to UXD
  • Module 2 Building a Product Use Context
  • Module 3 Outcomes and stakeholder management
  • Module 4 Research and evidence gathering
  • Module 5 Evaluation, alignment and reporting
  • Module 6 The aesthetics of user experience
  • Module 7 Wireframing
  • Module 8 Prototyping
  • Module 9 Presentation and delivery of a UX study
  • Module 10 Brave New World: UX in practice

Your success team

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User Experience Practitioner & Business Analyst

Andrew La Grange is an experienced User Experience Design expert who has been active and successful in the field as a technologist, UX practitioner and business analyst. He was the Chief Technology Officer for the acclaimed MACHINE Agency in both Johannesburg and Cape Town before departing to start his own software house, Full Stack, in 2014. He has led the user-centered design for several major firms, including Prima Toys, PSG, Citroen and Sanlam.

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