Training and Development Management online short course

Course starts: 3 November 2016
Registrations close: 28 October 2016
Course fees: R12,500
Course starts: 26 January 2017
Course fees: R12,500

Why this course?

Training and development management (TDM) has evolved significantly over the past few years. In today’s competitive landscape, rapid innovation and the ever-increasing emphasis on the knowledge worker means that training and development has become a vital component of business strategy.

The modern career landscape is more dynamic than ever, and companies are increasingly realising the value of investing in the education and skills development of their employees. New learning methodologies, training tools, and online technologies have developed to meet the rising training needs of organisations. A demand for skilled individuals able to design and implement effective training programmes, and keep abreast of trends in the industry, has therefore developed.

Watch the below short video to meet HR and Training & Development specialist, John Wilter, who will be your guide and mentor throughout this course.

Course overview

This highly practical 10-week course provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of training and development in South Africa. Learn to professionally, effectively and ethically manage training and development within any business or industry. Explore global trends in organisational, cultural, and management development initiatives, as well as contemporary management development approaches and methods, as well as understand the factors that influence training and development in the South African context.

Is this course for you?

If you are currently working in training and development within a small, medium, or large organisation – this course can help you advance your career by formalising and expanding your skill set, which may assist in your quest for a promotion. Individuals wanting to start a career in TDM will be equipped with a thorough, practical, and up-to-date knowledge of how to professionally and ethically manage training and development in the workplace. Managers in organisations can increase their value by being equipped to design and implement training programmes, without the help of an HR professional.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 The pivotal role of training and development in organisations
  • Module 2 Legislation for training and development in South Africa
  • Module 3 Analysing training needs
  • Module 4 Integrating education, training and development in organisations
  • Module 5 Theories of learning and training methodologies
  • Module 6 Designing and developing a training programme
  • Module 7 Integrating technology and online education
  • Module 8 Implementing training programmes
  • Module 9 Supporting organisational renewal through training
  • Module 10 Evaluating training programmes

Your success team

Getsmarter john wilter


Training & Personal Development Specialist

John Wilter has been involved in the areas of Human Resources, Organisation Development, and Management and Leadership training and consulting for more than 25 years, at all levels and across a wide variety of industries. During his earlier career, he held senior training management positions in some large SA organisations, including Anglo American Corporation and Engen Petroleum Ltd. He has researched, developed, customised and facilitated training programmes and sessions for companies throughout South Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. 

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