Tax Law online short course

7 - 10 HOURS
Course starts: 14 November 2016
Registrations close: 8 November 2016
Course fees: R14,900
Course starts: 27 February 2017
Course fees: R14,900

Why this course?

According to the 2016 budget speech: tax revenues are projected to decrease by R11,6 billion; corporate tax by R13 billion; VAT by R5,7 billion; and personal income tax by R1,9 billion.

What does this mean for you, your employer, your clients, or your business?

Open up new career opportunities, better manage your professional or personal finances and support more autonomous income streams by confidently taking on the world of taxation and ever-changing tax laws, with an online short course from the University of Cape Town.


Course overview

This 8-week tax course aims to equip you with the ability to have a better understanding of South African tax law to support your current role; make your enterprise or business more tax efficient and aligned with current legislation; offer tax advice and assist clients, your employer or stakeholders with their tax; and support your personal tax needs. You can expect to learn about the various types of tax; your legal rights and requirements as a taxpayer; how the VAT process works; how to deal with tax disputes; grasp how different business entities are treated in terms of tax; and to demystify the world of tax administration.

Is this course for you?

If you’re a bookkeeper wanting to prove your value by taking on more responsibility, an accountant or legal professional needing to add more value to your skill set; a business professional looking for a new job opportunity; a business owner, freelancer or consultant wanting to familiarise yourself with the latest South African tax laws; or simply want to empower yourself to better understand tax and tax legislation, this course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of tax law for both individuals and businesses, as well as practical tax skills, such as calculating your tax payable and filing tax returns.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 An introduction to South African tax
  • Module 2 Personal income tax
  • Module 3 Business income tax
  • Module 4 Capital gains tax
  • Module 5 Taxation of trusts
  • Module 6 Other taxes
  • Module 7 Value added tax
  • Module 8 Tax administration

Your success team

Getsmarter melanie louw


Commercial Law Attorney

Melanie’s extensive list of qualifications include a BA, an LLB, a Masters in Law (LLM), a Postgraduate Diploma in Tax Law, a Masters Degree in Tax Law (LLM), an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning, and a Masters degree (LLM) in Commercial Law. She provides legal advice and financial planning support to both individuals and companies, and is passionate about training and public speaking on topics related to the law and financial planning law. 

Trusha makan


CA(SA); Indirect Tax Specialist

Trusha has been involved in assisting clients with  matters related to indirect tax and  financial and ​information technology​ auditing. ​Trusha is passionate about continuous learning and believes that through the pursuit of knowledge​, people​ are better able to understand ​themselves​ and determine their capabilities.

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