Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) online short course

Course starts: 6 February 2017
Registrations close: 31 January 2017
Course fees: R11,500

Why this course?


IAB UCT Social Media online course accreditation As members of the IAB we strive to ensure that all of our courses are aligned with the latest industry best practices and procedures.

Did you know that a massive 75% of search users only look at the first page of search results – and 85% look no further than the first three results? In addition, research reveals that 61% of South African customers will research businesses and products online before choosing to make an offline purchase.

As online activities become more integrated into daily consumer practices, it becomes essential for every business to be as visible as possible in search engine results pages. As a result there is increased demand for individuals equipped with up-to-date and effective SEO skills.



Course overview

This highly practical 10-week short course teaches you the skills and confidence to implement your own SEO tactics and strategies, while working on a live eCommerce Wordpress website.

Is this course for you?

Whether you are a current marketing professional looking to master the latest digital skills, or a new or aspiring web developer, copywriter, or graphic designer, this course will provide you with the fundamental principles and practical skills you need to start or advance your career in search engine optimisation. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking to expand your business online, this course will assist you in making an impact in the digital space.


What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 SEO in the current digital landscape
  • Module 2 SEO updates and trends
  • Module 3 HTML, site architecture, and technical factors
  • Module 4 Google Analytics, SEO goal setting and SEO tools
  • Module 5 Content strategy
  • Module 6 Writing for the web
  • Module 7 Inbound marketing
  • Module 8 PPC, AdWords, and paid advertising
  • Module 9 Advanced analytics and strategy
  • Module 10 Reporting for client satisfaction

Your success team

Ci images rafiq 100x100px


Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Rafiq Phillips is a Search Engine Optimisation professional with over twelve years of experience in SEO and its related fields. He’s worked at one of the the largest digital marketing agencies in Africa, and was part of MIH and Naspers’ small and select R&D team, where he provided consultative SEO services to some of the largest internet companies in the developing world. He continues to provide SEO consultation services to companies around the world and assists numerous brands in growing their business through organic search engine marketing.

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