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Occupational Health and Safety online short course

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Course overview:

By law, all companies in South Africa with more than 20 employees are required to have official health and safety measures in place. However, many businesses often lack the full knowledge and understanding of their legal responsibilities in this area or are unsure where to begin when it comes to implementing workplace safety measures.

This highly practical 10-week short course has been specially designed to provide you with a working knowledge of occupational health and safety that can be applied to any business environment. Learn the skills and knowledge needed to ensure workplace compliance with the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act, and leave the course with the skills to effectively implement best practices for health and safety that are legally compliant and applicable to any workplace.

What you will learn?
Orientation module Welcome to your Virtual Learning Environment
Module 1 General introduction
Module 2 Organisation for health and safety management
Module 3 Risk assessment and control
Module 4 Managing hazards
Module 5 Managing machinery, equipment and power sources
Module 6 Managing substances
Module 7 Managing health stressors and training
Module 8 Managing construction activities and incidents
Module 9 Emergency prevention, preparedness and response
Module 10 Laws and standards governing health and safety management
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“It really is so helpful to be able to learn things that you can put to practice at the same moment as you learn them, with the ultimate result that you improve your personal value and your workplace in one go.” Sylvester Moyo
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