Occupational Health and Safety online short course

Course starts: 7 November 2016
Registrations close: 1 November 2016
Course fees: R12,500
Course starts: 5 December 2016
Course fees: R12,500

Why this course?

By law, all companies in South Africa with more than 20 employees are required to have official health and safety measures in place. However, many businesses often lack the full knowledge and understanding of their legal responsibilities in this area or are unsure where to begin when it comes to implementing workplace safety measures as well as training staff on health and safety information and procedures. As such, the skills needed for managing occupational health and safety have become an important requirement for every business.

Course overview

This 10-week course will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to address and promote good standards of occupational health and safety within your organisation. These skills are applicable across all industries, and can be readily and effectively applied within any business once you have completed this course. Ensuring that your business is compliant with South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act will not only fulfil your business’s legal obligation, but will also go a long way towards improving employee satisfaction and increasing financial returns.

Is this course for you?

The UCT Occupational Health and Safety online short course is for you if you want to formalise your skills and knowledge in the field with the long term view of potentially becoming a Health and Safety Consultant, or you want to take on additional responsibilities in your current role, and have identified Occupational Health and Safety as the area to do so. If you want a working knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety that can be applied to any work environment, or want to be equipped with the skills and broad knowledge of OHS best practice in the workplace, this course is definitely for you.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Introduction to OHS
  • Module 2 Organisation of health and safety management 
  • Module 3 Risk assessment and control
  • Module 4 Managing hazards
  • Module 5 Managing machinery, power sources and other equipment 
  • Module 6 Managing hazardous substances 
  • Module 7 Managing health stressors and training 
  • Module 8 Managing construction activities and incidents
  • Module 9 Preventing, preparing for and responding to fires 
  • Module 10 Managing health and safety performance

Your success team

Getsmarter christian basgen


Health & Safety Consultant

Having worked in various industries in managerial positions, Christian Basgen has always had a particular interest in health and safety. In 1996, Christian started his own consultancy business in the area of health and safety; outsourcing his extensive experience and qualification to all sorts of clients – from construction projects, residential developments, hospitals, and roadworks; to waste water treatment plants, renewable energy plants, distribution centers, and corporate offices.

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