The Fundamentals of Values-Based Leadership online short course

Course starts: 6 March 2017
Registrations close: 28 February 2017
Course fees: R17,900

Why this course?

Leadership principles are values translated into action. Authentic, values-driven leaders not only inspire those around them, they also empower people to step up and lead.


The values-driven leader motivates teams to produce great work around a shared purpose. And that’s what this online short course is all about: enhancing your executive ability through the principles of authentic leadership.

"This course deals with you, as a leader, taking accountability for the change that is needed in the world and in your company."- Walter Baets: Dean of UCT GSB, Allan Gray Chair in Values-Based Leadership


Course overview

Developed in partnership with the Dean of the UCT GSB, Professor Walter Baets, and in co-operation with the Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership, this 6-week online short course is designed to help you, as a leader: take accountability for creating and leading a world-class, values-driven organisation; enhance team productivity by cultivating a culture of sincerity, loyalty, and self-sufficiency; and become more effective by empowering others to lead around a shared purpose.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs, across all industries. Whether you are a CEO, senior or executive manager, team leader, business owner, community leader, sports coach or an aspiring leader - you will benefit from the values-driven leadership principles and practices covered in this course.



What you will learn

  • Module 1: The need for a new paradigm
    By the end of week 1, you’ll understand why management by values is the reason some businesses fail where others succeed.
  • Module 2: What are values
    In week 2, you’ll reflect on your own personal, social, and organisational values system.
  • Module 3: Understanding complex business models
    In your 3rd week, you’ll learn how holistic, values-driven approaches to business management help cultivate a company culture of innovation.
  • Module 4: Implementing values in business
    During week 4, you’ll discover how to bring your values to live in your business.
  • Module 5: What is a values based leader
    You’ll formulate your own personalised leadership profile over the course of week 5.
  • Module 6: Becoming a values based leader
    You’ll walk away from week 6 with the know-how needed to take accountability for creating a world-class, values-driven organisation.

Your success team

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Academic Consultant

Jenny completed her MPhil in Management Practice (with distinction) at UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) in 2014, and is currently developing a PhD proposal in the field of executive management education.Previously Group Executive Director of Cape IT Initiative, she was responsible for facilitating the creation of programmes to deliver to Western Cape Government, City of Cape Town, and SETA.

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