Feature Writing online short course

Course starts: 2 March 2017
Registrations close: 24 February 2017
Course fees: R11,900

Why this course?

The last decade has seen significant changes in the feature journalism and marketing industries. With the rise of content marketing and brand journalism, there has been a desperate scramble for professionals able to produce quality feature articles that can help them generate readership and compete in a rapidly changing and competitive media landscape. This course provides the perfect stepping-stone into the world of feature journalism by teaching you how to write for a wide variety of media. 

Course overview

This highly practical 10-week short course teaches the skills and techniques needed to write professional feature articles for a wide variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. Write your first full-length feature article and form part of an online writing community where you can interact with fellow writers, share your work and ideas and review one another’s written projects as part of a structured learning process, which is supported and guided by an industry expert.

Is this course for you?

This course is for you if you’re an aspiring feature writer hoping to sell your articles to a magazine or newspaper for profit. If you’re a working professional seeking to advance your career or are looking to add to your current skill set, this course will benefit you by teaching the skills and techniques that can be applied to writing feature articles for content marketing purposes. Similarly, if you’re hoping to start or grow your own business, you can benefit from learning the skills needed to produce quality written pieces for a blog or website that could promote your business.



What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Introduction to feature writing
  • Module 2 What makes feature writing different?
  • Module 3 Developing feature story ideas
  • Module 4 Researching the feature article
  • Module 5 Interviewing for feature writing
  • Module 6 Essential elements of feature articles
  • Module 7 Language and structure
  • Module 8 Editing your article for style and clarity
  • Module 9 Journalistic ethics
  • Module 10 Selling your writing

Your success team

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Award-winning Journalist & Media Expert

André Wiesner is an experienced journalist, having worked on a freelance basis for many years, as well as for WorldOnline as their news editor. He also has extensive teaching experience, and was a tenured lecturer at UCT’s Centre for Film and Media Studies for many years. André now runs his own media business, servicing a variety of media needs for magazines, corporates, NGOs, university institutes, research groups and government departments.

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