Digital Photography online short course

Course starts: 2 February 2017
Registrations close: 27 January 2017
Course fees: R11,500

Why this course?

Many people steer away from DSLR cameras because they feel daunted by the range of technical capabilities that these seemingly complex cameras offer, but in actuality, learning to use a DSLR camera is simple when you are supported and guided by the expertise of a professional photographer. Photography is something you can undertake as a profession or a hobby, and the online, part-time presentation of this course means you can learn to use your camera at a time and place most suitable to you. 

Course overview

This highly practical 10-week online short course will teach you the technical skills needed to operate a DSLR camera correctly, as well as help you to apply these skills in practice. You’ll demystify the technicalities behind terms like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, as well as learn how to use light, composition and editing to produce photographs like the pros. You’ll also receive feedback from a professional photographer, as well as fellow aspiring photographers through a supportive and unique online learning format. View the UCT 2015 Digital Photography Learner Showcase, featuring the work of learners on a previous presentation of this course.

Is this course for you?

The UCT Digital Photography online short course offers an exciting opportunity for individuals wanting to explore the world of digital photography, improve their picture-taking abilities and produce high-quality photographs, whether for personal or professional pursuit. Whether you intend to pursue photography as a hobby, or take it one step further and make a career out of it, this course is the stepping stone you need to know your DSLR camera inside-out, as well as the fundamentals of crafting stunning photographs.



What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Getting to know your camera
  • Module 2 Aperture
  • Module 3 Shutter speed
  • Module 4 ISO
  • Module 5 How your camera understands light
  • Module 6 How to make use of your flash
  • Module 7 Composition
  • Module 8 Portraits
  • Module 9 Landscape
  • Module 10 Basic photo editing techniques

Your success team

Getsmarter roberta crumplin


Professional Photographer

A few years after obtaining her BAFA (hons), BA (hons), and PGCE in painting and photography, english, the history of art, and education; Roberta started her own professional photography business called “Big Day Big Picture”. Her extensive portfolio of work includes weddings of all varieties, corporate and family events, portraits, PR shots and head shots.

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