Brand Management online short course

Course starts: 27 March 2017
Registrations close: 22 March 2017
Course fees: R12,900
Course starts: 29 May 2017
Course fees: R12,900

Why this course?

Delightful brand experiences directly impact profitability and growth. Which is why superior brand management should be your most urgent strategic priority this year – whatever the shape and size of your entrepreneurial venture, organisation, or SME. Leveraging only the brightest minds and biggest names in SA, this 8-week online short course offers unrivalled, highly relevant, real-world insight into both the theory and practice of strategic brand management. 

Course overview

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained expert-level insight into the role and purpose of branding, and feel confident in your ability to recommend and implement the various frameworks available for building brand equity and value today. You’ll be competent in assessing the alignment of a personal or company brand to its strategic outlook, and equipped to craft differentiation and positioning strategies for any given brand, across any sector. You’ll be able to recognise which digital marketing communication tools will be most effective in portraying a unique value proposition for your brand, as well as select those you should be using to build and maintain your brand’s reputation. Finally, you will walk away with a comprehensive future growth strategy to ensure sustained success.

Is this course for you?

If you’re a marketing industry professional looking to specialise or expand your portfolio into brand management; currently a Brand Manager looking to refresh and validate your existing experience and expertise; or an aspiring Brand Manager looking for a networking opportunity and a foot in the door, this course is a good place to start. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner wanting to understand how effective brand management can add value to your small venture or organisation, you’ll benefit immensely from the real-world case studies and locally relevant content we’ve developed for this course. In essence, this 8-week experience will add more advanced, specialised competencies to your marketing skill set, and help you stand out in one of SA’s most competitive job markets.

What you will learn

  • Orientation Module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 The Fundamentals of branding and personal branding
  • Module 2 Introducing brand equity and value
  • Module 3 Managing a brand
  • Module 4 Positioning and differentiation
  • Module 5 Brand contact planning and management
  • Module 6 Supporting brands through market communication
  • Module 7 Brand reputation
  • Module 8 Brand growth strategies

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Online Course Developer and Facilitator

Experienced Marketing and Management facilitator, Olivia Molteno, has invaluable experience and passion in the line of online education. She has dedicated years to studying, practicing and teaching in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship and management.

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