Basics of Financial Management online short course

Course starts: 7 November 2016
Registrations close: 1 November 2016
Course fees: R13,500
Course starts: 9 January 2017
Course fees: R13,500

Why this course?

Sound financial management is a crucial aspect of any thriving business. Professionals with just a fundamental knowledge of financial management and the skills associated with it are already at an advantage in both the talent market and the entrepreneurial game. It’s the type of knowledge that benefits you in any industry and at every stage of your career - because in order to make more money, you need to know how to manage what you’ve already got.

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Course overview

This highly practical 9-week short course will teach you the fundamentals of finance and financial management within a business context, including how to budget, read financial statements, conduct a cash flow analysis, cut costs and perform a variety of further finance-related functions. You’ll learn how to make wise financial decisions in both a personal and work-related context, and gain important insight into the financial side of business in order to make a real impact in your career or company. If you’d like further insight, take a look at the short video below.

Is this course for you?

Knowledge of how to effectively manage your finances will benefit you in both a professional and personal capacity. This course could be for you if you’re looking to make confident decisions regarding your finances, make the transition into a finance-related role in your career, or even if you want to strengthen your managerial competencies and make yourself more marketable with abilities in financial management. If you run your own business, you’ll need a sound financial understanding in order to complete tasks like creating accurate budgets, interpreting financial statements and interrogating financial data to make the best decision possible for your business - and that means this course is for you, too.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 The financial goal of a firm
  • Module 2  Taxation and policies
  • Module 3 Understanding financial statements
  • Module 4 Analysing financial statements
  • Module 5 Profit planning and control
  • Module 6 The time value of money
  • Module 7 Financing 
  • Module 8 Capital budgeting
  • Module 9 Managing working capital 

Your success team

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Entrepreneur, Qualified Accountant & Financial Consultant

Gareth is a jack of all trades. He is a qualified accountant, specialising in tax, and a serial entrepreneur, having established and managed numerous businesses since he was 19. Gareth also acts as a business consultant across strategy, finance and sales management. He is a passionate teacher, and shares his vast experience with his learners, encouraging conversation and practical. 

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