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Accounting online short course

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Course overview:

The success of any organisation, whether in the public or private sector, relies on strong financial management and suitably skilled accounting staff. This need, coupled with the current shortage of suitably skilled individuals at the accounting technician level, makes this area ripe with career opportunities.

This highly practical 9-week short course provides you with the practical knowledge and skills you need to fulfill a supporting role within the accounts department of any company or organisation. Start or advance your career in finance by developing the practical skills needed to confidently control and manage the important finance-related aspects of any business.

What you will learn?
Module 1 The fundamentals of accounting - part 1
Module 2 The fundamentals of accounting - part 2
Module 3 Drafting financial statements - part 1
Module 4 Drafting financial statements - part 2
Module 5 Drafting budgets
Module 6 Measuring and evaluating financial performance
Module 7 Internal control and accounting systems
Module 8 Business tax
Module 9 Credit management and control


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