Write a Non-Fiction Story online short course

Course starts: 6 April 2017
Registrations close: 31 March 2017
Course fees: R11,500

Why this course?

Many people want to write, but feel that they don’t have the time, opportunity or skills to do so. However, almost everyone has a personal story to tell – a startling life experience, a travel adventure, or the fascinating life of a relative. Whether for personal or professional pursuit, writing a personal non-fiction story is the ideal way to kick-start your writing career.

Course overview

This 16-week online short course is designed to mentor aspiring or current writers through the process of writing a non-fiction story. By the end of the course, you will have completed a compelling 10-page non-fiction story. The course includes 12 weeks of teaching and a 4-week writing interval, during which you will work on your story. Network with fellow writers, share work, contacts and ideas, and review one another’s pieces as part of your own writing process.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for both current and aspiring non-fiction writers who want to write an autobiography, memoir, biography, travel narrative or historical account. It is suited to journalists, freelance writers, authors or anyone simply interested in telling their personal story. At the end of the course, receive the opportunity to submit your manuscript for consideration to be published under Random House Struik’s eKhaya imprint.



What you will learn


  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Your story
  • Module 2 Researching your story
  • Module 3 Writing biographies
  • Module 4 The first-person narrator
  • Module 5 Characters
  • Module 6 Preparation for the writing interval

Four-week writing interval

  • Module 7 Story review
  • Module 8 Writing descriptions
  • Module 9 Dialogue
  • Module 10 Starting the story
  • Module 11 Concluding
  • Module 12 Preparing for publication

Your success team

Getsmarter mike nicol


Internationally Acclaimed Author

Mike is a well-known journalist and author of crime fiction. Currently a full-time educator and writer, his fiction and non-fiction work has been published here, in the United Kingdom and the States, and translated into several languages.

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