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Writing, and especially creative writing, is a skill that takes a lot of time and effort to master. Crafting an engaging story, whether for personal or professional pursuit is a skill that takes practice and careful development, and many authors struggle to get published due to lack of solid story development understanding. 

This highly practical 10-week online short course offers you the opportunity to hone your creative writing skills by producing a creative piece of writing (whether a novel or short story) within a supportive online writing community, guided by accomplished author Mike Nicol. It looks at the major concerns writers face while working on an extended piece of fiction and offers an introduction on how you should present your work to editors and agents. Network with fellow writers, share work, contacts and ideas, and review one another’s creative writing pieces as part of your own writing process. At the end of the course, receive the opportunity to submit your manuscript for consideration to be published under Random House Struik’s eKhaya imprint. 

Course modules

Module 1 Planning the story
Module 2 Beginnings
Module 3 Characters and characterisation
Module 4 Turning story into plot
Module 5  Making people talk
Module 6 Point of view
Module 7 Conflict, tension and suspense
Module 8 The writer’s voice
Module 9 Endings
Module 10 Editors, publishers and agents

“I believe it’s vital to keep learning and to constantly improve the practice of my craft. I liked that I could do the course part-time and from my own home, yet have my writing exposed to the comment (and criticism) of many fellow writing students.” Joanne Macgregor
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