Fundamentals of Cybersecurity online short course

Course starts: 24 October 2016
Registrations close: 18 October 2016
Course fees: R12,900

Why this course?

At the recent Security Summit in Johannesburg, it was noted that 96% of all reported information security breaches could have been avoided if organisations adequately prepared for breaches to cybersecurity that should’ve been anticipated.

Leaders in the industry said at the same ITWeb Summit, that South Africa is also the top cybercrime target in Africa. The cited reasons for this were:

- It’s status as an emerging market with less developed infrastructure
- The fact that business owners and companies are inexperienced in cybersecurity
- The shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the country
- The increase in cyber attacks worldwide

A combination of the above factors means that the implementation of cybersecurity measures has become a necessity for South African businesses.

Course overview

This 8-week online short course aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the various elements of cybersecurity management at a decision-making level. The knowledge you gain can be used to enhance your managerial power through a familiarity with information security; inform the implementation of relevant cybersecurity measures in your business or organisation; strengthen your abilities as the safekeeper of sensitive company data; or substantiate your interest in the field before you transition into it. Guided by an industry expert, you’ll learn about everything from corporate governance and risk management, to incident response and industry ethics.

Is this course for you?

If you’re a senior manager wanting an understanding of potential cybersecurity threats and security measures you should take in your rapidly growing business; a manager or executive wanting to gain a broad understanding of cybersecurity at a decision-making level to identify its role in your organisation; an IT professional wanting to expand your knowledge of cybersecurity in order to effectively manage your organisation’s information security; or if you want to make the transition into an information security or senior management role and need to equip yourself with the relevant knowledge to set yourself apart, this course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity for both individuals and businesses in South Africa looking to protect themselves against cyber threats.

What you will learn

  • Orientation module Welcome to your Online Campus
  • Module 1 Basic principles of cybersecurity management
  • Module 2 Risk management
  • Module 3 Corporate governance, policies and the regulatory environment
  • Module 4 Cybersecurity culture
  • Module 5 Cybersecurity architecture
  • Module 6 Cybersecurity software and hardware
  • Module 7 Compliance management
  • Module 8 Incident management

Your success team

Jason jordaan


Digital Forensics Specialist

Jason is a passionate Digital Forensics, Incident Response, eDiscovery, and Cyber Crime Investigation professional. He worked for 18 years in law enforcement as a detective and digital forensics examiner before extending his influence into the private sector. Jason currently works at DFIRLABS where he leads a team of dynamic digital forensics practitioners.

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