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This section of the blog is a collection of short articles and video clips on designed to help you get a little smarter in the field of Marketing.

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Marketing | The many roads that extend from Advertising

By Amy Johnson

Advertising is an industry that is surrounded by a shroud of misconceptions. For instance, it’s common for people to believe that only the most creative trendsetters get to work in Advertising. It’s a field reserved for people who dream up billion-dollar taglines and think up new products on a daily basis – right? Wrong. In fact, with a good understanding of marketing principles and informed creative messaging, Advertising is a multi-faceted field that anyone can break into. Advertising skills are also multidisciplinary, which opens up many new opportunities within established roles. 


Marketing | The biggest social media changes of 2013

By Jaco Adriaanse

A recent study on the impact that the “social economy” has globally, revealed a piece of information that has marketers scrambling: There is an estimated 1.3 trillion dollars worth of untapped resources to be gained from the effective use of social media. “Untapped” is the word that should be grabbing your attention here. Though social media has already had an enormous impact on the way people interact, consume, do business and think, this was all just scratching the surface.

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Marketing | Top 5 online marketing mistakes – and how to avoid them

By Ruth Steyn

Online marketing can seem daunting at first, what with all the warnings about what could go wrong. Below is a list of the five biggest and most common mistakes made by inexperienced (and experienced) online marketers, and tips on how to avoid them.

Marketing | The value of impressions in online marketing
Blog - Marketing

By Robert Volker

With the internet becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives, so too online marketing has become more prominent. According to Optimus 01, an average of 80–90% of all website user traffic begins on search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and, as of 2007, online marketing has become the fastest growing form of media advertising.

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