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Marketing | Empower your workers with new skills

WorkersBy Anna Malczyk

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Teaching a person a new skill is one of the best and most rewarding ways to empower them. In South Africa, there are many unskilled jobseekers, but most of the work vacancies require skilled, experienced individuals. Even those who find work are often stuck in labour-intensive jobs with no potential for advancement and growth. Upskilling your employees provides two concurrent benefits: you increase the skill pool in your company without hiring additional staff members and dealing with the hassle, and your workers become more fulfilled, productive and engaged in the company.

Here are four excellent skills you should consider training your employees in.

Anybody with a keen eye for detail and some mathematical skills can easily train to become a bookkeeper – no formal qualifications are required. Since every business requires a bookkeeper to keep a close eye on its day-to-day financial administration, bookkeeping is an excellent skill to teach an office administrator, secretary or personal assistant.

Project administration
Most organisations organise their work according to projects, whether they realise it or not. Secretaries organise office events, employees work on specific tasks, and even managers run projects that cover the growth of the company. Being able to manage projects effectively, efficiently and simply is an excellent skill for anyone in a company to have – especially an administrative worker who deals daily with organising, planning and scheduling.

Customer service
Great customer service is the cornerstone of a successful business, no matter what product or service it provides – it’s one of the most crucial factors in a customer’s decision to do repeat business with you. Your customers come into contact with a wide range of people from your company, and many of these employees are not trained to deal with them properly. Ensuring customer service excellence from everyone in your organisation is Computer usera must, so make sure you train those in the “front lines” properly.

Using the internet
Being comfortable online is not a nice-to-have skill – it’s an absolute necessity in today’s internet-driven world. However, many workers never receive adequate training in using the internet, and commit grave errors when researching, sending emails and promoting the company online. Empower your workers by providing them with the skills to use the internet properly – giving them access to a wealth of information, learning materials and perspectives.

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