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This section of the blog is a collection of short articles and video clips on designed to help you get a little smarter in the field of Lifestyle skills, including guest house management, wine appreciation and creative writing.

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Viral Video of the Month | April 2014:: Unbelievable Bus Shelter from Pepsi Max

BY GetSmarter

Where better a place to reach an audience than on the street, while they're waiting for a bus? This awesome piece of content marketing by Pepsi certainly got people interested.


Featured Career for April | Paralegal Practitioner

By GetSmarter

Let's take a closer look at the role of a paralegal practioner. Gerda Rix is a paralegal who has been in the workforce for nearly 28 years, and is still very passionate about her career.  We caught up with her to find out more about her career in the legal field, why she decided to pursue this path and she provides advice for those wishing to enter this career.

Understanding risk is key

BY GetSmarter

Uncertainty has become the dominant feature of the globalised market today, caused by increased complexity across industries, stricter regulations, heightened competition for more volatile markets, and a more critical and social consumer. 


Choosing a career path in finance

BY GetSmarter

When confronted with the question: “what can you do with a background in finance?”; the simple answer is “more than you think”. Gone are the days when becoming an accountant was the only option when looking to forge a career in finance. Today, a solid grounding in finance opens doors to too many possible career options to count. And it pays to have options. 

Is Writer's Block real?

BY GetSmarter

“Writer’s block” has long been a term of much debate. Some writers may argue that this concept is nothing more than an excuse for laziness, while others insist that buckling down and forcing yourself to work when you don’t know what to write only makes matters worse. What does “writer’s block” mean to you? We asked three celebrated South African writers– Lauren Beukes, Deon Meyer and Mike Nicol– to find out what they thought about “writer’s block”. 

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