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Paralegal Practitioner | Boland Competition Winner

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Yvette Botha, a legal secretary who lives in Worcester in the Western Cape, was thrilled to hear that she had won a place on the UCT (Law@Work) Paralegal Practitioner course – she’d wanted to do a paralegal training course for years but had never had the funds or time. Upon seeing the competition in the Standard, a local newspaper, she knew this had been the chance she was waiting for – and she won. Yvette feels “truly blessed, and honoured to be given this opportunity.”

The course, which is run entirely online by GetSmarter, will allow Yvette to study from home in her own time, an important consideration since she has just given birth to a baby boy and is on yvettematernity leave. Although she doesn’t have much time for herself “between the diapers, feeds and crying,” Yvette is excited at the prospect of studying again.

She says that there’s never a dull moment in the life of a legal secretary – no two cases are alike, and she meets people from all walks of life, each with their own problem or dilemma. Nevertheless, Yvette knows that the course will give her a much-needed career boost. “The course will definitely help to improve my skills, and I hope that I can secure a better job in order to better provide for my family.  I am positive that this course under my belt will open new windows of opportunity for me.”

When she manages to grab a moment for herself, Yvette loves reading and listening to music.

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