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Labour Law | Practical Labour Law course gets to grips with the essentials

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The University of Cape Town’s Law@Work department, along with specialist online training company GetSmarter, are proud to announce the third presentation of the outstanding University of Cape Town (Law@Work) Practical Labour Law course. The eight-week part-time course, which starts on 6th September 2010, is presented entirely online via GetSmarter’s sophisticated Internet training platform.

The Law@Work department is a division of UCT’s Faculty of Law. Since 1999, i has strived to provide quality legal seminars and courses to working lawyers and other professionals. Law@Work is enthusiastic about partnering with GetSmarter, whose open and innovative learning platform can reach an even wider audience. Since its first presentation in October 2009, the UCT (Law@Work) Practical Labour Law course has trained close to 200 students, and it is still the only course in South Africa that presents a practical approach to the law.

UCT Practical Labour Law courseGetSmarter is a top-class online education company in South Africa. It has trained over one thousand students in the past year, in such diverse topics as guest house management, wine evaluation and using the Internet – all from the comfort of the students’ homes or offices. GetSmarter’s teaching platform is refined, easy to use and allow students from anywhere in the country – or even the world – to participate. GetSmarter and the Law@Work department are partnering with experienced labour law consultant Carol Tissiman, who will serve as the course convener.

The UCT (Law@Work) Practical Labour Law course is intended for everybody who wants to equip themselves with knowledge about labour law and practice. While the course is intended for employers, employees can certainly benefit from the course, by learning the applicable laws and the means to protect themselves in a turbulent job market. Above all, the course is intended for those who want a thoroughly practical approach to labour law.

GetSmarter’s advanced and user-friendly learning model provides students with a personal and professional educational experience. Students work through the course material together and receive continuous academic and administrative assistance throughout the course. Each of the eight modules includes course notes, discussion forums where students interact with one another, an interactive quiz and video lectures to make the course material more engaging. Students will learn about the relevant national labour law acts, how CCMA disciplinary hearings work and how to deal with poignant issues like maternity leave. Topics for the modules include employment contracts and conditions of employment, workplace discipline, dismissals, employment equity and dispute resolution.

One of the remarkable features of the course is its focus on the practical application of labour law. Every module includes 20 to 40 ready-to-use document templates and tools – contracts, conditions, notices and others. The material focuses on real-world situations and on resolving real issues and disputes. It focuses on teaching important issues like fair practices and correct problem-resolution procedures. As a testament to the course’s high standard, many of the students have been practising lawyers seeking to get a better practical – rather than purely theoretical – understanding of the relevant law. Other noteworthy students have included employees from Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Sea Harvest, the Department of Health and the Premier Soccer League.

Past students have praised the relevant, enjoyable and informative course materials, as well as the constant and useful support from the course convener and coordinator. Many found the learning process fun and positive, with each week’s material and assignments building up on practical knowledge gained. Others commented that the material was easy to understand even for those without a legal background.

The course starts on 6 September 2010, and registrations close on 27 August 2010.

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