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UCT and GetSmarter are creating more Internet Super-Users

The University of Cape Town and GetSmarter, a leading online training company, are pleased to present the second run of the popular part-time UCT Internet Super-User course. The 10-week distance-learning course is intended to teach novice and intermediate Internet users how to get the most out of online communication, research and business tools. The course, which starts on the 20th of September 2010, is presented entirely online via GetSmarter’s tried and tested Internet training platform.

Online learning
GetSmarter is a top-class online education company in South Africa. It has been running professional online training for over four years, covering such diverse subject areas as creative writing, wine tasting and practical labour law. In the past year alone, the company has trained over two thousand students on its sophisticated, Internet-based teaching platform.

UCT, GetSmarter’s partner, is a leading research and teaching university in South Africa. The institution’s high academic standard ensures the quality of its training programmes, as well as the desirability and prestige of its certifications. In conjunction with UCT and GetSmarter, the course will be convened by Internet consultant and specialist trainer Masha du Toit.

Learn about the internet

Internet literacy has become a necessity in the modern world. The UCT Internet Super-User Course has been created to bring businesspeople and home users up to speed with new online developments, and to teach them how take advantage of the World Wide Web’s potential in their personal and professional lives. The course covers the basics Internet navigation, using popular sites like Facebook and YouTube, and keeping safe when transacting online. It also touches on the junction of mobile and Internet technology, to allow course participants to make the most of their mobile devices.

Internet tools

The UCT Internet Super-User Course is conducted entirely online through GetSmarter’s Learning website. Prospective students will need to have access to an Internet connection and an email account. Once registered, students will work through 10 modules that have been specially designed to provide both cutting-edge content and substantial practical experience. Each module consists of course notes, assignments, video lectures and reading lists, as well as interactive elements like online quizzes and assignments. All of these elements are accessible directly through the website. Students can communicate with each other and the course convener through the online discussion forum. Weekly assignments are graded by the convener, and students who receive a final grade of 50% or higher will be awarded a certificate from UCT. Upon completing the course, the new Internet Super-User will be proficient in using Google, Skype, PayPal, Facebook and other tools. He or she will be able to transform this knowledge effectively into tangible business development, valuable research and effective personal communication.

Previous Super-Users
The first presentation of the course drew an impressive 160 students. Both beginner and intermediate students found themselves challenged by the wide-ranging course material, and debates on the discussion forums were lively. Everybody was impressed by the responsiveness of the course convener and students found the extra features – additional readings, video lectures and assistance from teachers and fellow students alike – to be enriching. Novice Internet users who were hesitant and unsure at first later found themselves active on forums and social networks.

The UCT Internet Super-User Course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to make the Internet work for them – from students and business professionals to home users. As the course is conducted online, participants from all regions of South Africa are welcome. Registration is open until 10th of September 2010 and the course is due to start on the 20th of September 2010. For additional information, please click here. Alternatively contact Deborah on

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#1 2010-07-01 14:21
can you send us information about internet i'm not student i'm just an ordinary
#2 2010-07-02 09:43
Hi Zimasa

For more information on the course visit UCT Internet Super-User course: I have also just sent you an email with more information.

We hope to welcome you to the course in the future.

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