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Economics | Economic integration
Blog - Business

By Pierre Heistein
This article was originally published in the Business Report Opinion and Analysis pages on 14 April 2011. To interact with Pierre, visit Facebook logo

BRICS, the EU and a free trade area between Cape Town and Cairo are hot topics in the press. These are all regional agreements that aim to take advantage of the benefits available from freer and easier trade. They all fall under the banner of economic integration.


Pimp my English | More on relative pronouns
Blog - Business

By Anna Malczyk
The name for words like “that” and “which”, which show that one part of a sentence relates to another, is “relative pronouns”.

Pimp my English | Stative verbs
Blog - Business

By Anna Malczyk
You know very well by now that a verb is a “doing” word – a word that describes an action taken by a person or object. Within the overall category of verbs, there are many sub-categories. One important one is the “stative” verb.


Pimp my English | Units
Blog - Business

By Anna Malczyk
Whenever we measure something – like distance, speed, size, volume and so on – we use a measurement called a unit. Here's a bit on writing down units.

Pimp my English | Transforming noun constructions into verbs
Blog - Business

By Anna Malczyk
Sometimes, in an effort to sound more formal or official, we write a sentence using a noun construction rather than the simpler, easier to understand verb equivalent.

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